Automation as a service for hospitality businesses like yours

What RobosizeME® does

Typical hotel workdays are full of tasks that are operationally vital but boring and repetitive for your staff. Just think of payment reconciliation, reservation quality checks or rate loading…

RobosizeME automates these processes with the help of digital workers, so you no longer have to worry about them. That frees up your team for more meaningful, stimulating and revenue-generating work.

Why automate workflows with RobosizeME’s digital workers?

Our team is made up of both hospitality and tech experts. We understand the intricacies and challenges of your hotel business. And we know which automations can positively impact your operations.

This saves you hours of valuable time every day. But the benefits of targeted automation for hotels go way beyond that and touch every key area of your business.


  • Automate repetitive administrative tasks, so they’re always done on time
  • Ensure accuracy with fast, consistent data handling
  • Automate digital workflows to boost
    efficiency and reduce cost
Create reliable systems and processes that work even during peak periods


  • Maintain clean, consistent revenue
    data across all systems
  • Automate rate management and
    commission verification to avoid
    financial loss
  • Schedule consolidated daily revenue reports to assess performance
Simplify and standardise processes, so you can generate and keep more of your revenue


  • Free staff from tedious, cumbersome, repetitive tasks like data entry and
  • Simplify data processing to reduce time and handover pressures
  • Save your team’s time and energy for the fun and rewarding part of their job
    – creating amazing guest experiences
Increase engagement, performance, job satisfaction and reduce turnover

How can you make this happen at your hotel?

Step by step: From inspiration to automation in under a month
Here’s how we’ll work together to create your all-inclusive, worry-free hotel automation.

  1. STEP 1: Understand the potential of automation for your hotel

    Good job! You’ve pretty much completed this step by exploring our automation-as-a-service and our example use cases.

    By now you know that hotel process automation through digital workers will not only save you time but also help you provide better guest experiences and drive more revenue.

  2. STEP 2: Come up with potential use cases for your hotel

    Now it’s time to put on your thinking cap and make a list of processes you could Robosize.

    The ideal candidates for automation are:
    → Repetitive
    → Mundane
    → Time consuming
    → Have few exceptions

    For inspiration, browse our library of use cases and brainstorm with your team. They know best which tasks are the most cumbersome…
    Get your IT team involved early on as well. They can offer valuable input and make your automation project go more smoothly.

  3. STEP 3: Get in touch with us

    Once you’ve thought of some automation ideas you’d like to discuss, let us know.

  4. STEP 4: Join a free, no-strings-attached discovery session

    During this session, we’ll get to know your hotel and what you’d like to accomplish with the help of automations.
    Next, we’ll look over the processes you want to automate. After seeing you demonstrate these workflows, we’ll share our advice on how to move forward.
    That includes offering ideas on optimising existing processes before Robosizing them and which automation to tackle first.

  5. STEP 5: Explore our proposal

    After the discovery session, we’ll put together a proposal for you. It outlines how our collaboration would look, which benefits it would bring you and your investment. Now the ball is in your court.

  6. STEP 6: Building your automation

    Once you’ve decided which process you want to automate, all we need is one of your team members to walk us through it once. That’s it from your side! We’ll use the recording of this demo to understand all key steps and possible exceptions we need to consider when creating your custom automation.

    Then it usually only takes us a few weeks to build your tailored automation. That’s thanks to our Accelerators. These pre-built process automation components for major hospitality IT applications can be quickly adjusted and combined to match your specifications.

  7. STEP 7: Take your automation live

    Once your automation is ready, we schedule a quick call to talk you through it. After that, you’re good to go.

  8. STEP 8: Keep automating!

    After going live, most of our clients immediately begin looking for more processes to automate. They’re just so blown away by how well their automation works.

    In that case, just say the word and we can start working on the next one.

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“Story Hospitality has been working with RobosizeME to implement automations across the chain since 2022. Solutions like automated recipe cost updates, the commission tracker and payment reconciliation save our teams a lot of time and effort every day and help us minimise errors. We plan to continue implementing process automations since they’ve proven to contribute to the quality of our services and thus the satisfaction of our guests.”

Asif Patankar, Corporate Director of Information Technology, Story Hospitality, Abu Dhabi
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''I have been trying to get RPA into Louvre Hotels Group for a couple of years now. When we brought in typical RPA consultants, the effort was not successful because they didn't understand the hotel industry, our needs or our IT systems. With RobosizeME, their team understood our needs and systems from the beginning, so within a very short period of time, we had our first automation running.''

Mehdi Soua
Chief Information Officer
Louvre Hotels Group, Paris

''Striking the right balance between technology and the human touch is critical in hospitality, and we are leveraging the power of available APIs in combination with robotic process automation to make this happen. It is a great journey with enormous potential for our industry to do more with fewer team members and, at the very same time, improve the guest experience. The team at RobosizeME is a key partner for us as Sircle Collection moves along our automation journey. The knowledge combination of decades of hospitality operations and technology experience, plus the deep technical automation skills, enables them to quickly and efficiently realize our vision.''

Wietse Bijzeit
Group Director Technology & Business Solutions
Sircle Collection, Amsterdam

''Since 2022, Story Hospitality has been working with RobosizeME to implement various automations across its hotel chain. These automations have already saved hotel employees a lot of time and effort. The first automation, Recipes Cost Updates, simplifies the process of synchronizing recipe costs between Adaco Fourth and Oracle's Enterprise Management Console, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks. Commission Tracker, the second automation, helps the revenue management team track commissions due to various partners, avoiding potential reporting errors. The most recently implemented automation reconciles payments made through a global fintech solution in the client's PMS, ensuring timely and accurate resolution of discrepancies. We plan to continue implementing process automations as they have been proven to contribute to the quality of our services and thus the satisfaction of our guests.''

Asif Patankar
Corporate Director of Information Technology
Story Hospitality, Abu Dhabi
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