Use cases for intelligent process automation in hotels

Still wondering which process automations could help your property?

Our talented team can help you Robosize many processes that keep your staff trapped behind the computer for hours every day. Explore our most in-demand automations below to get inspired. Or just ask us if your idea is possible!

SALES & revenue

Property configuration

Automatically sets up newly acquired properties within the Oracle Opera. This process covers property details, room classes and room types. With the heavy lifting done, you can focus on fine-tuning your set-up.

Lanyon Rate Loading

Automatically creates or modifies rate codes based on Lanyon/Cvent RFPs and notifies the revenue management team.

Commission Tracking

Automatically tracks each OTA’s production, sends a weekly report and offers an accurate overview of the commissions to be paid for the respective month. No more guessing how much you owe!

Rate code creation

Automatic creation and updating of new and (or) existing rate codes in PMS.

Package/service price update

Updates the rates for packages and services for multiple properties across your portfolio in one fell swoop.

Forecast update

Downloads reports from your PMS, updates your forecast with the newly exported data and sends the revised document to relevant departments. It’s never been so easy to keep everyone updated.

Wholesaler invoicing

Automatically creates a file for accurate wholesaler e-billing by pulling relevant exports from the PMS. This also includes creating the Aging Sheet for your records and sharing reports with respective hotel departments. Never pay your wholesaler too much again!


Flash sale reservations

Automatically creates, updates or cancels reservations for flash sales (e.g. Secret Escapes) when they come in as an email confirmation. Your reservations team will love it!

Suspended profiles

Merges suspended profiles in your PMS based on the list of matching criteria to keep your system clean. For your reference, you get a report with the merged profile IDs.

Source of business and market segmentation

Automatically validates the correct source of business and market segmentation of reservations based on client-specific criteria. It also makes necessary corrections within reservation records if needed.

Routing instructions

Searches for reservations by date and automatically applies routing instructions based on source and rate code. This can include moving VCCs and routing to a business address.

Reservation Quality Check

Goes through all OTA reservation confirmation emails to edit guest names if they’re in the wrong format, update the number of guests in the PMS, add an ETA, ETD and notes or alerts to a reservation depending on the guest’s booking remarks. Talk about taking a load off the reservation team’s shoulders…

Profile quality check

Verifies email addresses, capitalises names, matches addresses and country codes and ensures that nationalities and languages match. No more confusion about your guests’ details now.

OTA payment posting

Uses PMS cashiering functions to identify deposits for OTA reservations that are due and charge them to the respective reservation. PMS integration with a payment gateway is necessary.

Finance and paymentS

Post payments

Don’t have an integration between your PMS and your payment solution? This automation makes up for it by automatically posting charging deposits via your payment solution in the respective reservation in your PMS.

ERP Connectivity

Achieves ERP Connectivity integration between major hotel Property Management Systems (PMS) and ERP systems such as SAP HANA, Oracle Fusion, and Microsoft Dynamics. This enables seamless data exchange and streamlines operations.

Payment reconciliation

Downloads invoices automatically and validates their amounts against records in your PMS’ accounts receivable module. When specific criteria are met, the account will be closed and if there are discrepancies, you receive a notification.

City ledger to accounting system posting

Ensures accurate and timely postings from the PMS city ledger to the accounting system to promote streamlined operations and transparent financial reporting.

More automations…

National statistics reporting

Automates reporting occupancy and guest nationalities to German, Austrian, French and Swiss authorities. This process also includes data validation and email acknowledgement.

Update F&B preparation cost

Sends preparation cost updates from your inventory management platform to your enterprise management console.

Deactivating Profiles

Automated processing of incomplete profiles in Microsoft Dynamics and PMS, including deactivating profiles in PMS and deleting profiles in Microsoft Dynamics.

Interface error

Automatically scans for interface errors, defines the importance of each one and pings you in case urgent action is needed.

Loyalty program alert

Automatically creates alerts for different departments in loyalty member reservations based on their membership level and specific benefits.

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“A McKinsey study found that 66% of all processes and procedures in the hotel industry can be automated. That applies especially to common processes in revenue, finance, IT, legal and compliance, which occur in every hotel operation. In these cases alone, we can achieve great savings through automation. But it’s not just that. We’re also talking about improving the quality and accuracy of work.”

Boris Krumrey, VP Automation Innovations, UiPath
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''I have been trying to get RPA into Louvre Hotels Group for a couple of years now. When we brought in typical RPA consultants, the effort was not successful because they didn't understand the hotel industry, our needs or our IT systems. With RobosizeME, their team understood our needs and systems from the beginning, so within a very short period of time, we had our first automation running.''

Mehdi Soua
Chief Information Officer
Louvre Hotels Group, Paris

''Striking the right balance between technology and the human touch is critical in hospitality, and we are leveraging the power of available APIs in combination with robotic process automation to make this happen. It is a great journey with enormous potential for our industry to do more with fewer team members and, at the very same time, improve the guest experience. The team at RobosizeME is a key partner for us as Sircle Collection moves along our automation journey. The knowledge combination of decades of hospitality operations and technology experience, plus the deep technical automation skills, enables them to quickly and efficiently realize our vision.''

Wietse Bijzeit
Group Director Technology & Business Solutions
Sircle Collection, Amsterdam

''Since 2022, Story Hospitality has been working with RobosizeME to implement various automations across its hotel chain. These automations have already saved hotel employees a lot of time and effort. The first automation, Recipes Cost Updates, simplifies the process of synchronizing recipe costs between Adaco Fourth and Oracle's Enterprise Management Console, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks. Commission Tracker, the second automation, helps the revenue management team track commissions due to various partners, avoiding potential reporting errors. The most recently implemented automation reconciles payments made through a global fintech solution in the client's PMS, ensuring timely and accurate resolution of discrepancies. We plan to continue implementing process automations as they have been proven to contribute to the quality of our services and thus the satisfaction of our guests.''

Asif Patankar
Corporate Director of Information Technology
Story Hospitality, Abu Dhabi
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