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WHAT IS process automation?

and why is it important for the Hospitality Industry

Intelligent Process Automation is a software technology that virtually simulates the manual path taken by a human through a variety of applications when performing certain tasks in a business process.

Our automation will allow your experienced staff to concentrate on the essential tasks and guests, leaving the repetitive, routine and boring tasks to automation while increasing the cost-efficiency and value of your business.

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eliminate boring, repetitive tasks
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Increased accuracy
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No operational turmoil due to staff turnover
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Focus your experienced hospitality staff on things that matter most to your business - your guests!

ABOUT robosizeme

RobosizeME is a process automation specialist for the global hospitality industry, helping companies automate their operational processes based on unique industry knowledge and deep experience. Our process automations can help hospitality providers automate processes and optimize human effort in all areas of hotel operations, including reservations, front of house, back office, revenue management, group sales, engineering and meetings & events. An all-inclusive, worry-free solution, our automations are fully built, maintained, supported and hosted by RobosizeME, including the connectors to hospitality IT systems and the automation software licensing. RobosizeME is an Oracle partner with a focus on Hospitality systems,  and is a UiPath managed services partner.

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Building IPA

Our team of certified IPA specialists builds and maintains unattended as well as attended automations. In addition to providing pre-built automations for common Hospitality industry tasks, we can also develop custom automations to your exact requirements.

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Process discovery

Our process experts can work with your staff to uncover new tasks that can be robosized. Our process discovery software tools can observe staff work tasks to determine which ones are the priority candidates that will deliver the most immediate ROI.

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Software licenses

We simplify the process of introducing IPA into your business by providing you everything you need as part of the delivery of the solution. This means licenses are included, saving you time and headache dealing with licenses purchasing and renewals.

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System Integration & Cloud HostiNG

With more than 20 years of hospitality systems integration experience, and 10 years of cloud hosting experience with major vendors such as AWS and Microsoft, your automations get reliable access to the data they need to work for you.

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Process optimization

Robosizing bad processes just makes garbage go fast. Our Lean Six Sigma Hospitality certified specialists can help you to optimize your processes to achieve optimal results.

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Multi-lingual support

We provide complete support for your solution, including automations and integrations.  We realize your team members need support in languages that they understand.  Our team members speak English, German, Russian, French, Czech and Slovak, with more coming soon.

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IPA use cases in hospitality

Moving data from one system to another

Do you use different forecasting tools for different stakeholders? RobosizeME's automation can assist you and take your forecasting data from one tool/file and fill in the data across all other forecasting tools.

Validating invoices

RobosizeME's automation can verify incoming payments against open balances in the PMS/other systems.

Reservation matching between system

RobosizeME's automation can help you check your reservations in the PMS for accuracy – is the correct rate attached with the right market and channel codes? Is the routing already updated or are there any duplicate bookings?

Updating integrated reservations

RobosizeME's automation can take over the updating of integrated reservations and update the notes/comments fields, load routing instructions and make sure that none of the essential details are missing.

Rate code maintenance

RobosizeME's automation can take over the rate loading (creation of new rates or amending existing rates) in the PMS and CRS. All RobosizeME's automation needs is a rate loading sheet with the rate details to get started.

Tracking costs

Would you like to know if you are still within budget for your variable costs? How have your fixed costs changed over time? RobosizeME's automation can assist with summarizing and comparing different costs across your departments and/or hotels.

Comparing costs

Do you look after several properties and would like to compare the utility costs of each hotel? RobosizeME's automation can assist with summarizing and comparing different costs across your departments and/or hotels.

Contract management

Would you like to see at a glance which contracts with corporate clients are about to expire and/or are not properly loaded in your PMS/CRS? Would you like to know when the contract with your gardener was signed and when it will expire? Or how much longer are you paying for the consultancy services you hardly ever use? RobosizeME's automation can provide a central point for all sorts of contracts signed in hotels and/or on chain level so you always stay on top of all agreements and know when it’s time to terminate no longer used services.

Daily report aggregation and distribution

Do you also have a team member who spends hours and hours on daily, weekly and monthly reporting? That employee is off on weekends, goes on vacation, takes sick leave, is running late and also makes mistakes from time to time. RobosizeME's automation can take over the data aggregation, report creation and distribution for you – 24/7, 365 days a year – without any delays and no mistakes.

Commission tracking

Would you like to know how much commission costs you are holding on the books and compare this to your commission cost in the past? RobosizeME's automation can create a report which outlines these costs based on specific criteria defined by the individual hotel. A report can be generated and distributed among the team.

Alert aggregation and distribution

Different systems produce different alerts. RobosizeME's automation can streamline these alerts in one useful report which is distributed among your departmental heads.

Pre-assessment and prioritizing data

Are your teams also swamped with data in the form of emails and special requests? Let us help you with the pre-assessment and prioritizing of such data.

  • Moving data from one system to another
  • Validating invoices
  • Reservation matching between system
  • Updating integrated reservations
  • Rate code maintenance
  • Tracking costs
  • Comparing costs
  • Contract management
  • Daily report aggregation and distribution
  • Commission tracking
  • Alert aggregation and distribution
  • Pre-assessment and prioritizing data

Hotel Industry IPA Case Study : Group RFP

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RobosizeME® secures industry leaders for Advisory Board

Douglas Rice, Riko van Santen and Simone Puorto bring a breadth of experience across the travel and hospitality industry as the company seeks to raise awareness of its managed Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

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We’ve been shortlisted for the Skift Idea Awards 2022

We are both excited and proud to announce that We’ve been shortlisted for the Skift Idea Awards 2022 in the Solutions – Business Outcomes category!

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Hospitality Staffing in 2022: Stephen Burke on Robotic Process Automation for Hospitality

Our Founder and CEO, Stephen Burke, shares his view on the global labor shortage in hospitality, the challenges our industry is facing, and how they can be turned into an opportunity that brings you a successful future.

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We are thrilled to announce that RobosizeME won the Judge’s Choice Award at the Entrepreneur 20X competition during HITEC in Orlando 2022, which features ambitious entrepreneurs presenting breakthrough business concepts! 🥳

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